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Holding Iron


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Our Holding Iron is a special purpose tool with a number of uses around a boatshop. It is shaped like the head of a top maul–and in fact that's what inspired the design–but that's where the similarity between the two ends. Its primary function is to back up the heads of rivets while their inboard ends are being peened. It weighs a hefty 6 pounds, so it is also a great tool to backup nails that are being driven because it absorbs the shock that would otherwise be transferred throughout the boat. It's much more difficult to do a proper job of riveting with a lighter backing iron. Our holding iron is outfitted with a tapered 3/8" tip so that you can back up a recessed nail head, and with side recesses to accommodate 3/8" and 1/2" roves.

In use, snap the rove into the appropriate recess, position the iron over the nail point on the inboard planking surface, and drive it home, setting the rove and serving as backing at the same time. Working with flat burrs instead of roves? One face is plain with a hole to accommodate up to 10-gauge rivets. With it's narrow end it is also very useful for backing clench nails between the planking and the stem or sternpost. There is one major downside, though it should properly be considered operator error. Drop it into your boat and you're going to have some repair work ahead–that's the voice of experience. We won't even mention it's possible effect on toes...


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