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Lines, Lofting & Half Models

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Called a “must have” addition to every boatbuilding library by reviewers, this is the only lofting book you will ever need. Lines work begins with half models, and so does this book. Lofting involves drawing the lines of a boat full size...a necessary adjunct to building a boat. It's not all that difficult, provided you know where to begin. What sets this book apart from others on lofting is that its first section deals with half models. This is the way the author learned and the way he has taught lofting for works. Half models aren't often mentioned these days. Too bad they aren't, because with them, lines and lofting make a whole lot more sense, even to the greenest beginner.

Once you understand half models, (and you will after working with this book) they illustrate nearly all of the lofting process. They offer the further benefit of helping you become familiar with the three-dimensional hull you are about to build before lofting and before committing precious resources. It's the easiest method you will ever read, and it's all explained using a half model.

The lines section shows you how to select, interpret, and use building plans efficiently. Once you understand the half models and how the two-dimensional lines derived from them, lofting is no longer intimidating.

The lofting section takes you the rest of the way with no-nonsense coverage of the entire process, explaining how make the seemingly unavoidable corrections, and how to make use of your lofting, once completed. Lines, Lofting, & Half Models is not a theoretical book, it's one that shows you how the job is done in a straightforward way. Can you handle most lofting but blanch at the mechanics involved in lofting a raking curved transom? You won't have that problem after studying this book–really! We're proud to tell you that this book is being selected by instructors in more and more schools and seminars. It's a book no boatbuilder should be without.


This is our builder's half model of Esmeralda, an 18' sea-going, ketch rigged double ender that Walter Simmons designed and built at Ducktrap in 2012–We offer her plans as the Down East Double Ender. Now while this book is not intended to teach you how to design a boat using a half model, it will guide you through making a model from an existing set of lines, and then using your newly made model to help you understand what lines and the lofting process are all about. And should you already have a half model, it will show how to take the lines off it so that it can be lofted.

Lines, Lofting, and Half Models
8.5" x 11", 158 pages with 91 illustrations, indexed, with a glossary.


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  1. Lines, Lofting and Half Models

    Posted by Richard Eberhard on Sep 16th 2020

    A really good book, especially the section on lofting. My only niggle is that some, perhaps most, designers give offsets to the outside of planking. A discussion on methods to figure the allowances for plank thickness, frames, etc. would be useful. You can't just deduct the plank thickness.

  2. Good Book I'm sure, but not for my needs

    Posted by steve bennett on Jul 17th 2018

    I am planning to reproduce an artifact Salish canoe. I bought this book thinking it would teach me how to copy or "take lines" off of a small boat. Very little here about how to do that from an existing boat. This book is about carving half-models and taking lines from those or existing ones. As I will be a boat copier rather than a boat designer, it was not too helpful for me. If you are not working/lofting from an existing set of offsets, it will probably not help you much.
    [Apparently he overlooked the section entitled "Field Work", which runs from page 40 - 46 and describes exactly how to take lines from an existing hull. That's unfortunate...WS]

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