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For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a lofting is a full size rendering of the three views of the hull, the side (profile), top (halfbreadth), and end views taken at regular intervals along its length (called the body plan). The lines are drawn full size and superimposed to verify the dimensions given in the plan and to provide the builder with the actual size and shapes needed to build the moulds and backbone for the hull.

Additionally, a completed lofting affords the builder the opportunity to prebuild parts. Need to add bulkheads or shift a mould to bypass a centerboard case? All that and more can be gleaned from the lofted lines of the hull. Have the time to build your boat but probably not enough to build and loft her? These loftings drawn by Simmons are the answer to that dilemma. 

The lofting does not take the place of the building plans. Both are needed.