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Lumberyard Punt Plan


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The Lumberyard Punt was designed in response to a request from the Puget Sound area. They were in dire need of an “easy-to-build, easy to beach, cheap tender under 8’ overall.” Sounds simple enough, right? It turned out it wasn’t, but we succeeded on all three counts, though some might quibble with the easy-to-build part.

Actually her construction is very straightforward with her plywood V-bottom and sides. Why V-bottom rather than a flat bottom that would be easier to build? In a word, stability. She's better able to handle a chop than a skiff of the same size, an important consideration, especially if she is to do duty as a tender.

Her three moulds do double duty because the lower portions remain in the boat to provide support for the hull and containment for the floatation built into the ends of the hull. And yes, she features a 2-part plank keel, but the rabbet can be sawed out quite handily on a table saw (or planed by hand).

Similarly, the chine is pretty basic, and again, it can be sawed to shape. There is no steaming required, but the bend is sufficient that most find it easier all around to simply saw it to shape. The plan shows traditional construction, but a perfectly serviceable chine log can be laminated using marine plywood. Builder's prerogative...


She handles surprisingly well for her size, and like any good tender can haul quite a load. In fact, she handles better with a load aboard because it sits her down on her lines where she belongs.

Why no photos? We had them, really we did, but when we moved from our original office to our current location every last one of them went missing. We haven’t built one here since, and others who promised faithfully to send photos of theirs seem to have forgotten all about us. So it goes.

Her plan is a single page–a basic design for a basic (but pretty) little punt. She’s fun to build (at least I thought so) and more fun to use. There is one caveat, however. Some builders quite unexpectedly experience a letdown when their punt is finished, because it really is finished. Builders know that feeling all too well, so if you find yourself feeling that way too perhaps–just perhaps–you have entered into a lifelong pursuit of building boats. There are worse afflictions, I assure you.

Enjoy the building.


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