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Newfoundland Trap Skiff lofting


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The photo above is of Mercedita, a 19'-11" Newfoundland Trap Skiff–the fourth Trap Skiff to emerge from our shop. Here's a shot of Merci under sail off Maimi...


If this photo looks familiar, it is because we used it for the cover photo for Lapstrake Boatbuilding.

As time allows we have been updating our loftings, and this Trap Skiff is one of the first. Many have found a single 24' long roll of paper a beast to contend with in their limited shop space, and we have to agree. So now, instead of a single page, this lofting consists of four elements, each on its own page. Page 1 is the stem we used on our first three boats, Arundel, Osprey, and Thank You. Page 2 is Mercedita's straight stem as it appeared on our original century-old lift model. Page 3 is the body plan, complete with planking layout. Page 4 is her stern and expanded transom.  The longest of the four pages is 75". In addition, this lofting is now a printed black line copy to better withstand extended exposure to sunlight.

All told, this lofting represents 35 years worth of work in our shop, since she was first lofted in 1980. Dates on the individual lofting sheets range from 1995 to 2015. Never fear, this is simply the best way to convey information to you without having to reloft her in entirety whenever we further developed a modification to make her easier for you to understand and build. Her original offsets have been scrupiously retained throughout the entire process.

To clarify the stem detail, here is a photo from Wherries of our builder's models. The darker top lift model is the original NTS model mentioned earlier. It's carved to 3/4" scale. The next one down is a Duck Trap Wherry, the third one is a Christmas Wherry, and the one at the bottom of the photo is our 1-1/2" scale NTS model used for the first 3 boats. The difference between the two Trap Skiff stem configurations is more than simply aesthetic. The straight-stemmed version turns out to be drier in rough going. As mentioned earlier, both are included in the lofting, so the choice of which to use is left to you as builder.


Regardless of the stem profile you chose, you will never go wrong with a Newfoundland Trap Skiff. Their owners just love them. Once you get yours built, you will want to allow extra time for launching and retreival for answering onlooker's questions. People seem to be naturally drawn to her grace and beauty–and who can blame them?

Want to save $10? Since you need both the plans and the lofting to build your Trap Skiff anyway,
if you order both at the same time we'll issue you a store credit in the amount of $10 to be used on your next order.
And the fine print... the store credit has no other cash value and cannot otherwise be redeemed.




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