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Oarlock Horns, 2" capacity, bronze


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The price shown above is for a pair of oarlock horns without sockets.
To order matching sockets, click here.

Years back, we decided to make our own oarlocks and sockets because, quite frankly, we wouldn't put ill-made imported castings on our boats. Good traditional boats deserve nothing less than well designed traditional bronze oarlocks.

The patterns were carved of Honduras Mahogany and assembled on the match plates used for sand casting. They are cast in a Maine foundry, and then finished right here in our shop..."Made in the USA" from start to finish. Unlike the imports, these fit and operate smoothly in our sockets. That's because the sockets are bored to 0.500" and the shanks of the horns are turned to 0.485" (+ or - 0.005"). We also bore them the old way for use with lanyards above the rail, so you don't have to be concerned with those keeper chains that wind themselves into a knot underneath the oarlock pad.

These are 2" capacity oarlock horns only–you can order the sockets separately by clicking here. We began doing it this way because a number of folks have ordered one set of oarlocks and then ordered an additional set of sockets. Presumably that is an economy measure on their part, which as they say along this coast is "some old smart," at least until one of their horns goes overboard and they have to use an oar to paddle their way back in...

When your installation calls for standing oarlock horns as well as standard height oarlock horns, they are installed through a single elongated oarlock pad amidships as seen here. This photo was taken early on and shows a polished standing horn, but more importantly is illustrates the way the tail of the horn is trapped to withstand the torque of rowing. There is more information on the standing oarlock page.


Please Note: Like our rudder hardware, we offer these as machined castings. What does that mean exactly? That means that we take the castings as they come from the foundry, turn the shanks in the lathe, smooth and polish the oar seat (the inside of the horn where the oar sits) and bore and chamfer the 9/64" lanyard hole. There is no other polishing done; the surface texture on the unmachined portion comes from the sand casting. We like the look of them, as do our clients, but we realize that some folks are just into fully polished bronze. That's fine. We just don't see a compelling reason to polish them. If you want to polish them yourself, go right ahead, just be forewarned that even with the right tools, they will take about a half hour each, and the dust you will generate in the process is toxic...



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  1. Exceptional!

    Posted by KJB on May 7th 2020

    Exceptional quality, fit and finish. For some reason there are few options for open ended oarlocks, and those that are available are of questionable origin and quality. The casting and finishing of these oarlocks are top notch. It's great to find that real craftsmanship still exists and without a high price tag. I only wish there were other options for oarlock sockets because the ones offered here don't meet my needs.

  2. Beautiful oar lock horns but...

    Posted by Marc on May 29th 2019

    The horns are beautifully made but the website pictures are a little bit misleading. I am sure I am not the first person to order oar lock horns and expecting the mating sockets (as pictured) too. Dang, now I have to order the sockets and pay for shipping again...

  3. Quality Craftsmanship From Maine

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 4th 2019

    These oarlocks and sockets are sure to add a nostalgic look to any boat. The bronze oval sockets add a detail not available anywhere else. I can only hope my completed boat will complement these beautiful oarlocks.

  4. oarlock sockets and horns and rudder/transoms gudgeons

    Posted by Chuck Reynolds Toledo, WA on Nov 24th 2015

    I have used both of these products on every Wherry I have built. You won't find this kind of quality anywhere on line or in Marine stores Tops in my book !

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