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Standing Oarlock Horns, 2" capacity, bronze


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The price shown above is for a pair of our standing horns. They have turned 3/4" diameter shanks, lift the loom of an oar about 8" above the rail, and are 2" capacity. That's a hefty bit of silicon bronze. Like our other oarlocks, these are machined castings, which means that the shanks are turned, the oar seats polished, and they have lanyard holes drilled. Sockets are not required, and an installation page is included with every order.

Why standing horns? To raise the fulcrum point of your oars sufficiently so that you can stand and row, like this...And why would anyone want to stand to row? For one thing, when you're standing you can see what's under the surface, making it easier to navigate close to shore. For another, it is easier to navigate close quarters when you are facing in the direction you're rowing.


Standing oarlocks in a Christmas Wherry.

You might be interested in a quote from The Matinicus Double Ender:

When folklorist David A. Taylor interviewed Vinalhaven [Maine] lobsterman Henry Walls, in 1973, and asked him about lobstering out of a peapod,
Walls told him that working out of a peapod is advantageous because it allows him to get into shoal waters, where lobstering is the best. He also said he
appreciates the good health that comes from rowing. Walls, who had lobstered for more than sixty years, said:
“People say to me many times, ‘Don’t you get tired from work?’ ‘No,’ [I tell them,] ‘I’ve rowed so many
years that on a warm day I could stand up and grip those oars and continue rowing that stroke and almost go to sleep.’”
(Northeast Archives of Folklore and Oral History, accession number 771)

Unfortunately, our standing horns are out of stock for the foreseeable future.

Product Reviews

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  1. Monster Bronze!

    Posted by Marc on May 29th 2019

    Boy are these oarlock horns beefy! I think is I capsized my Caledonia Yawl I would want these puppies tied off to a marker float and not the boat itself. They are beautifully made. The shafts may be problematic to some boat designs. Please include the mounting info sheet when you send these out to other customers, it is extremely helpful!

  2. Stand-Up Oar Locks - Wow!

    Posted by Guy Iverson on Jan 30th 2018

    First of all I must state the obvious these oar locks are pricey, but I believe this is definitely a case of you get what you pay for. These are heavy castings with a very substantial 3/4" "pin" They also have a lanyard attachment cast into them to help protect your substantial investment. If you want to outfit your boat for stand-up (face forward) rowing I highly recommend these oar locks

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